The Women’s Civic League began in 1950 when a group of citizens of North East, MD formed a committee to request funding from the county for a branch of the Cecil County Public Library.  They were granted permission to open a library; however, the county would only provide a few books and pay for a librarian for only four hours a week.  In order to further develop this project a group of twelve women formed the Young Women’s Civic League of North East in 1951.  This small group served both social and philanthropic functions.  Early members met monthly for lunch, taking turns as hostesses and serving as officers, and organized annual dinner and play excursions to Baltimore and occasionally Philadelphia.  Serving in the interest of the community, the Young Women’s Civic League petitioned for home mail delivery, a bridge to replace the grade crossing, town beautification, voter registration, and street signs, among other projects, yet the library remained their primary focus.  In 1952 the League obtained permission from the town board to convert the upstairs of the town jail into a library.  Through fund raising efforts they built shelves, installed new flooring and a heater, paid for utilities and cleaning, and provided most of the books.  They also served as volunteer librarians.   As the small library grew, the League supported efforts to open a new and larger branch.  This dream was realized in 1991 when a full service branch of the Public Library was opened.  By the fiftieth anniversary in 2001, the name of the club had been changed to the Women’s Civic League of North East and membership had grown to over fifty members.  And as the North East community has expanded so have the demands on the current library.  Plans are moving forward for a new library to open in May 2020.  The needs of the community have also continued to grow.  Through the League’s liaison with the North East Elementary School, funding has been provided for books for their library.  We also donate school supplies and clothes for students in need.  Each year we provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and clothing and toys for families selected by the school guidance counselor.  Support is also provided to the Upper Bay Museum and St. Mary Anne’s Episcopal Church Outreach Pantry.  From their modest beginning, the members have made an outstanding impact on the life in our community at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.